Once invitations were coming from Japan, Kirsten Buxton was in prayer about when should be the best timing to go there. 


During that time a friend of her, Clint, who recently expressed that his lifetime’s deepest desire was to know Jesus, told her that he was going to be in Japan during the month of October. After hearing about that seeming coincidence, Noriko, a japanese friend and A Course in Miracles student, joined Kirsten in the Living Miracles monastery. After several days of prayer, Noriko and Kirsten really felt that October was supposed to be the time where Kirsten‘s tour should happen.


Once that became really clear, they decided to make a post on Facebook announcing this upcoming trip and tour.


During that same period, on the other side of the world, Raphael was feeling very strongly since a few weeks, that he was supposed to make a movie under Jesus guidance. 


After some time of prayer, three words came very strongly to his mind: Jesus, Asia and devotion. 


Without really knowing where he was supposed to go or what to do, he started to pack and gather all the gear/material needed to make a film/documentary. 


Once everything was ready, he started to hear very clearly in his mind a new word: Japan.


He was feeling now the guidance, that he was supposed to film “the Devotion to Jesus in Japan”. One aspect in all of this, and that would only be revealed later, was that he was listening throughout all day, this soft and loving feminine voice, saying deep teachings and metaphysics. He associated that voice, to Mary Magdalena’s voice, as She being the symbol of pure devotion to Jesus.


That same day he was guided to add Noriko on Facebook, and later, while he was having dinner, Kirsten Buxton came very strongly in his mind, he was guided to open Facebook, and there he saw the Facebook post of Kirsten and Noriko, created 3 hours ago, announcing the trip and tour to Japan.


It was becoming obvious what the plan was, and that the soft and loving feminine voice Raphaël was hearing, and had associated to Mary Magdalena, was Kirsten‘s voice, she being, the today’s living demonstration of pure devotion, sharing the same presence, beyond personalities and bodies, than Mary Magdalena.


After joining with Kirsten and Noriko it became clear that Kirsten tour was going to be filmed and documented, along with the the devotion, sharings, expressions, healings and life transformations of all the Japanese ACIM students that would be involved in this trip.


After this, several friends like Luis, Makiko and Aska (Sophie) felt a inner guidance and a strong desire to support this project, by helping with translations, logistics and finances.


Since then, several people from all over the world have already heard about this project and reached out expressing their desire to help and support in whatever ways they can, feeling that this project is going to be used as a “backdrop” to join, collaborate and practice forgiveness.


The creation of this website came as an answer to that call.


This is just the beginning, the bigger part of the story is still going to be revealed, and if you are reading this, you are most likely to be part of it, by being present physically or just linking in mind with us <3


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